SnoTitles of the Research Projects
1 A Study on Enhancement of Dolubility salicylic Acid and Indomethacin by "Mixed Solvency Approach"
2 " Formulation , Evaluation and Optimization of Taste Masked Fast Dissolving Ciprofloxacin Tablets"
3 Formulation and Evaluation of Nimesulide Oro Dispersible Tablets Prepared by Direct Compression.
4 Formulation and Invitro Characterization of Aripirazole for Solubility Enhancement and Controlled Drug Release.
5 Formulation and Evaluation of Ibuprofen Fast Dissolving Tablets.
6 Improvement of Solubility and Development of Efferavescent Tablets of Aceclofenac.
7 Comprative Dissolution Studies of Different Markted Sustained Release Diclofenac Sodium Tablets.

Pharmaceutics Project Highlights

  • Formulation & Evaluation of NDDS, ODT, Sustained, Extended release tablets, buccal and sublingual tablet.
  • Solubility enhancement techniques like solid dispersion and self emulsifying drug delivery systems.
  • Challenges in taste masking of bitter drugs.
  • Transdermal patches, nano suspensions, liposomes, organogels and microspheres.

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