The Indian Biotechnology sector is one of the fastest growing knowledge based sectors and is expected to play a key role in shaping India’s rapidly developing economy. In biotechnology sector, a huge importance is given to the skilled manpower and hence, head-hunting has always been one of the prime priorities. Unfortunately, most of the students of biotechnology lag behind and fail to satisfy the skill requirement of these industries even though they may be strong in theoretical concepts. Hence, we have designed a Training program which allows the student to work on their dissertation project and get trained for Job as well . The Program allows the student to work on and gain knowledge about the various topics fields for 1 month and then chose a topic of interest and carry on the project work. 

This Program is designed for all the students, scholars who wish to experience Hands On technique & advanced interdisciplinary aspects of Biotechnology, and various other domains linked to Life science. This Job oriented dissertation/internship program aims to provide a conceptual aspect to the field of biotechnology as per the current and future requirement of biotech sector.

Program Structure

Technical Training and Dissertation project on topics-:

• Biochemistry
• Protein purification and engineering
• Enzymology
• Food technology
• Molecular biology
• Immunology
• Quality control and quality assurance
• Drug sensitivity and Drug designing
• Marker research on biotech production
• Herbal drug formulation
• Pharmaceutical and quality control
• Industrial microbiology 
• Ethical research
• Algae cultivation
• Pharmaceutical and clinical microbiology
• Food Processing
• Molecular Biology
• Enzymology
• Immunology
• Plant / Animal Tissue Culture
• Bio Informatics

Other Project Topics     Duration: 3-6 Months


·     Enzymology

·     Biochemistry

·     Protein purification and engineering

·     Bio-fertilizer/bio-pesticide production

·     Biodiesel production technique

·     Water quality control

·     Bio fermentation technique

·     Industrial enzyme production

·     Food technology

·     Molecular biology

·     Immunology

·     Plant tissue culture

·     Herbal wine production

·     Quality control and quality assurance

·     Drug sensitivity

·     Drug designing

·     Marker research on biotech production

·     Food adulteration

·     Mushroom cultivation

·     Vermi-composting

·     Industrial strain improvement

·     Bioactive components

·     Immobilization techniques

·     Herbal drug formulation

·     Bio cosmetics

·     Bio energy

·     Aerobiology

·     Water pollution study on Yamuna

·     Ecotoxicology

·     Bioremediation

·     Antibiotic production

·     Antimicrobial agents

·     Bio pigment

·     Ethical research

·     Algae cultivation


Students pursuing final year with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in the area of life sciences including, biotechnology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, zoology, botany etc. are eligible to apply.


• All the trainings are totally practical oriented with free software installed in your system.
Certificate will be issued with grades for successful completion of training program. Latest knowledge of industry, Field, 90% hands on training exposure to research or corporate. 100% job & research assistance • CV making, HR session from Our HR department, soft skill development program
• Experienced faculty from industry & academics.
• Chance to have upto 50% scholarship.
• Getting trained while working on your Dissertation.
• Get absorbed by the company itself.
• Earn while you learn.
• Guest lecture & guidance from professionals from industry & scientist.
• Become Industry ready.
• Get insight into the company needs and be job ready.
• Gain in Conceptual, technical and management knowledge. 


As these dissertation works related to biotechnology and related field and the Job oriented training gives a candidate an upper edge to get a job in anywhere This interaction will orient the student ,how to study and how to apply the knowledge of science in day to day field . These courses will help the candidate to face various interviews conducted by various companies. And be ready for the job. Are Students are placed with major companies like Panacea biotech, Elan and others.


Certificate will be provided for this Course on successful completion of Assignments & Projects. Certificate would be awarded at the end of the program by Gratisol Labs.

A fast track weekend course will also be conducted for employees & aspirants of Clinical Research Industry.  For more information, please contact Gratisol Labs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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