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Pharmacovigilance course – Drug Safety Physician Training in Hyderabad

Accelerate your career with Pharmacovigilance Certification Program.Every MBBS and BDS Professional has a question Is Pharmacovigilance is suitable career? Yes it is a booming career with excellent Salaries.The Job Roles for all medical professionals like MBBS, BDS will be Drug Safety Physician. Drug Safety Physican is a well paid, career opportunity for MBBS and BDS Professionals. Gratisol is the best Pharmacovigilance Certification training institute as this is only place where candidate can get  Hands on Experience with Placement Opportunities in Top Pharmacovigilance Companies in all over India. The candidate can get Hands on Experience on Argus Safety Database and is the best pharmacovigilance certification training Institute in Hyderabad.Highest salary packages will be provided Pharmacovigilance Professionals the salary will be organisations and is responsible for management of benefit-risk profile including review and analysis of safety data from post-marketing sources and from clinical trials, the identification and investigation of safety signals etc. for assigned post-marketing products as well as products under clinical trials. A Drug Safety Physician is expected to demonstrate strong medical knowledge and analysis for ICSR reports, safety documents (e.g. PSURs/PBRERs, signal analysis, RSI, regulatory enquiries, risk management plans). In addition a strong knowledge regarding international regulatory requirements like ICH, European Pharmacovigilance legislation, FDA and CIOMS etc is required to be a successful Drug Safety Physician.

Certification: Pharmacovigilance certification will be providing after the completion of the training.

Pharmacovigilance Job Recruitment Program: After the Completion of the training one month fully dedicated for Job Recruitment training with the mock interview and mock exams and Interview preparation sessions.

Gratisol  offer several programs including a Masters Degree in Clinical Trial Sciences with specialization tracks in four areas:

  • Clinical Trial Management & Recruitment
  • Clinical Trials Informatics
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

They also offer certificate programs in each of these four areas.  For the DS/PV certificate the requirements are three core courses:

  • Regulatory & Ethical Requirements in Clinical Investigation
  • AE Reporting & Postmarketing Activities
  • Principles of PV, Regulations & DS Reporting

Two elective courses must also be taken amongst the following:

  • Overview of Disease Processes & Treatment
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Clinical Pharmacology or Nutrition and Pharmacology
  • Analyzing Clinical Data to Determine Adverse Events

Costs are about $1000 a credit plus various university fees. Each of the courses above is 3 credits. See this site for information on the certificate program and click on the links on the left side of the page for much more information.

Pharmacovigilance Course Curriculum:

Gratisol Labs offers a 3 Months course in Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety Physician covering medical reviewer roles including hands on experience on Safety Database, MedDRA Coding & Whodrug Coding and awards a certificate.

The Pharmacovigilance Training program is equipped with basic to advance concepts, Hands on experience and pharmacovigilance interview questions. Pharmacovigilance courses are offered online in real time and the entire program can be done on-line per the website. Pharmacovigilance certification awarded from an Gratisol accredited institution.


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