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Clinical Research Course in Bangalore | Clinical Research Online Training - Gratisol Labs

Clinical Research Training in Bangalore 

Gratisol Labs Exclusive Training Program.

Clinical Research is a most knowledge intensive and interesting field in pharmaceutical industry. The billion dollar industry is demanding the employment opportunities of qualified and trained professionals in clinical research sector. Gratisol Labs provides a lucrative carrier for the candidates who are willing to be a part of astonishing field. It is a very rapid growing industry now India has become a major hub for clinical research and there is a massive need of qualified professionals of clinical research profile in a medical industry.

Clinical research is a part of health-care science that incorporates a detailed study and investigation of human well-being. It centers to propel restorative information by contemplating applicants through direct collaboration or through the collection and examination of blood, cell, tissues or some other examples. Clinical research is a scientific study to know more and find out the risks, effects, and benefits of medicines or any medicinal product. Once you get clinical research jobs, you should keep doing research regarding new diseases and their effects on humans and provide the treatments and finding the way out to tackle the same through medicines.

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is a branch of healthcare science which includes detailed study of human health and study. It
focuses to advance medical knowledge by studying candidates through direct interaction or through the collection and analysis of blood, cell, tissues or some other samples.

Scope of Clinical Research

Clinical Research determines the safety and effectiveness of medicines, equipment, and diagnostic products etc prior to release in the market. Sometimes, people get confused between clinical research and clinical practice. The difference is, one is to collect evidence to establish a treatment, while lateral is used to establish treatments itself. Clinical research is referred to the complete bibliography of a drug, device or a biological test. There is a huge requirements in Clinical Research in India.

Career Opportunities in Clinical Research

Let’s explore the jobs in clinical research for freshers right from the entry-level to the managerial level. When you are a fresher in this field it is very important that you have a clinical research certification in your hand. This opens up multiple opportunities for you. There are multiple and exciting jobs available in Clinical research some of them are mentioned below:

  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Clinical Research Investigator
  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Medical Writer
  • Clinical Data Manager
  • Clinical Trial Auditor
  • Project Manager

Gratisol Labs Clinical Research Courses

Gratisol Labs is one of the well known Clinical Research training and placement firm which aims high quality  Job oriented training and placements. Clinical Research is an interesting career option with a great scope for professional career. We are comprises of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty working
with the vision to provide best quality job oriented training to the candidates. The clinical trials market worldwide is worth over USD 26 billion and the industry has employed an estimated 2,10,000 people in the US & over
70,000 in the UK, and that form one-third of the total research and development staff. There are more than 2, 50,000 positions vacant globally & salaries vary in the region of approximately USD 40,000 per annum for a Clinical
Research Coordinator. A career in Clinical Research offers excellent job opportunities in USA, Europe, Singapore & India. India is going to be the major hub of clinical trials.

Clinical Research Modules to be covered:

  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical Writing

 Advanced Certified Program In Clinical Research & Operations Management

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry is experiencing a sea change worldwide with more impetus on innovation and personalized medicine. The business models are maturing to the next level of niche busters and towards a coexistence of novel and the age old blockbuster strategies.

With the economic drift and emerging economies like India, China, Brazil and Russia, the pharmaceutical and biotech industry is shifting research and development towards these regions especially in the phases of clinical development. Further, indigenous pharmaceutical and biotech companies in these regions are increasing their R&D efforts both for innovative molecules as well as the generic market.

Consequent to this scenario, a large number of clinical research organizations have recently developed which include a range of full service CROs, early phase CROs, SMOs, companies with selective specialized services like data management, clinical research consultancies, KPOs etc. This has created a demand for skilled workforce in the clinical research industry.

This course will provide extensive training in the niche domain of clinical research. It incorporates end-to-end theoretical & practical training.

Following Course Content for Clinical Research will be covered during the training:

The focus of the lectures is mainly on:

  • Drug discovery and development
  • Pre-clinical studies
  • Basics of Clinical Trials & Clinical Research
  • Terminology & Definitions in Clinical Trials
  • Types and Phases of Clinical Trials
  • Good Clinical Practices (GCP)
  • BA/BE Studies
  • Research Methodology & Clinical Trial Design
  • Clinical Trial Regulatory Affairs
  • Preparations & Planning for Clinical Trials
  • Essential Documentation in Clinical Trials & Regulatory Submissions
  • Clinical Trial Operations and Monitoring
  • Responsibilities of Clinical Research Professionals
  • 21 CFR PART 11
  • Informed Consent Document
  • Schedule Y
  • Protocol Development
  • Intellectual property Rights (IPR) and Patent Laws
  • SOP development for Clinical Trial Operations
  • Compliance, Auditing & Quality Control in Clinical Research
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Pharmacovigilance in India
  • Medical Coding (MedDRA & WhoDrug)
  • Medical Writing


Minimum Eligibility Criteria For Application To The Course Would Be Either Of The Following:

Applicants are recommended to have one of the following life Science degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD, MBBS/ MD/B.D.S /M.D.S/ B.A.M.S / B.H.M.S /B.P.T/ B.Tech (Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical Science) / M.Tech (Biotechnology), B. Pharm /M.Pharm /BVSC / B.Sc. (Nursing) and all professionals working with Pharmaceutical companies, CROs and Hospital.


  • To Maintain High Academic Standard, Gratisol Labs Gives Due Importance To The Quality Of Students Enrolled. To Ensure This, The Selection Of Individual Student Will Undergo The Following Procedure:
  • Personal Interview
  • Screening And Selection Of Students


  • Complete Course Material will be provided including detailed information about the entire work flow of Clinical Research Associate.
  • 2 months internship available after rigorous training in Pharmacovigilance.
  • Own CRO live Projects
  • Highest Placement record across all training institutes
  • Industry based SOP’s  training
  • Trainers with minimum of 7+ years of experience
  • Comprehensive teaching by Medical Doctors
  • Total 150 hours of exposure to theory, case studies and practicals.
  • Hands on Training will be provided on Clinical Research Sites


  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation with real time questions and answers
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Communication Skills and Personality development Sessions
  • Placement Assistance
  • Placement Assurance


Certificate will be provided for this Course on successful completion of Assignments & Projects.

Certificate would be awarded at the end of the program by Gratisol Labs. A fast track weekend course will also be conducted for employees & aspirants of Clinical Research Industry.

For more information, please contact Gratisol Labs at info@gratisol.com

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