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Job Assessment Tests: How to Top Your Competition of Exam 

Are you seeking a job, apprenticeship, or other training position? If you are, then find out the test you will be required to take to be hired for the position and start your preparation to making top scores today: Job Assessment Tests.

If you are seeking a job or apprenticeship position, you should be prepared to sit for an assessment test after your resume or CV has been selected.

In most industries, employers usually require job applicants to sit and pass certain assessment tests to be finally considered for the position.

This is to enable them reduce the number of suitable and qualified applicants for the job and to get the very best of them all who have scored highly in the test.

Two things to do to score highly in a job assessment test:

If you really want to be selected for a job position, you should aim to be among the best performers in the test.

How do you achieve that?

Here are two things you need to do to be a top performer in a job test:

1. Know what test you will be taking

Some recruiters will not tell you the test to prepare for or give you a sample of the exam to practice with. They will want you to see the questions right when you are taking it.

You will certainly not be able to do as well as you would have if you knew what tests you would be taking. Therefore, you have to find out on your own what exam you will be sitting for and so prepare for it.

You can very well do a little research about the possible tests you will be taking by using the resources on a job test preparation website many people have found useful.

2. Take lots of practice tests before the exam

The second thing you need to do to score highly in a pre-employment assessment test is to take as much practice tests as possible.

As much practice exam that you take, you will be putting yourself in a better state of mind for the actual exam.

You will not only become more familiar with the test questions, but also improve significantly in your work rate.

There are lots of sample test questions in various assessment types that you can use in preparing for your test and increasing your chances of coming top in the exam.

Types of Job Assessment Tests and How to Score Highly in Them

Depending on the job and position that you are seeking, there are several assessment tests that the employer may want to use in properly evaluating your knowledge, skills, and aptitude for the job.

Here are some of the various types to expect a test from when seeking a job (get the complete list):

Most electric companies owned by investors usually require EEI tests to be taken by applicants seeking various positions.

The tests help to assess applicants for the required skills and expertise needed to be able to successfully perform the job description that will be handed to them if hired.

There are various test types that make up the EEI tests, and the one you will take will depend on the job position you are vying for.

How to excel in your EEI tests:

To come up tops in your EEI tests, you need to practice with samples that exactly match what to expect in the real exam.

You need to use samples that follow the same concepts as those of EEI, and that consider the different challenging levels and timing that actually play out in the exam.


Pharmaceuticals and Health Employers Tests

Are you applying for a job in the pharmaceutical and health industry? You will need to pass a rigorous hiring process, including interviews and assessment tests. JobTestPrep can help you get ready with our Pharmaceuticals & Health Bundle, which includes practice tests, study guides, video tutorials, and score reports.

  • Positions: Financial Analyst, Pharmacy Technician, Manager, Executive Assistant, Sales
  • Access online practice tests and guides
  • Learn as you go with detailed answer explanations

With various jobs across the pharmaceutical industries, recruitment processes for individual positions differ. This page details the steps of the hiring process that you can expect during your application process, including several different types of assessment tests used by industry leaders such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Roche.

What Is the Hiring Process in the Pharmaceuticals Industry?

The hiring process for most positions at pharmaceutical companies is intensive. While the precise steps vary from company to company, your hiring process will likely resemble the following:

  1. Complete an online application and submit your resume and tailored cover letter.
  2. Complete a telephone or video interview: The purpose of this interview is to verify the information that you provided in your online application and to determine that you have the basic qualifications that are necessary for the position.
  3. Take a test online: Depending on the position for which you are applying, you may need to take a personality test, a technical test, or a test that measures your numerical, verbal, or logical reasoning skills. Be sure to check which test you must take beforehand so that you allow yourself adequate time to practice.
  4. Visit the company’s offices for an in-person interview: This is an in-depth interview which gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you are the right fit for the job. This interview may be one-one-one, or it may be a group or panel interview. Try to answer questions using the S.T.A.R. format—describe the situation, explain the task at hand, mention the action you took, and describe the result.
  5. At this point, some companies may require you to come in for a second interview, or to complete another assessment. The second interview may be an interview with a human resources manager, or it may be an interview with the hiring manager who will evaluate your technical knowledge.

What Will My Interview in the Pharmaceuticals Industry Be Like?

You should prepare to answer questions that evaluate your behavior in a range of situations according to the S.T.A.R. method. The interviewers are trying to understand your preferred working style and your way of approaching work-related dilemmas. Research the ideal attributes that the company is looking for in candidates for this role, and answer questions accordingly. You should be prepared for the following challenges:

  • For finance positions, you will be asked about the company’s position in the market, as well as their competitors.
  • For pharmacy technician roles, you will be quizzed on your technical knowledge and experience.
  • If you are applying to be a manager, you will be asked about your managerial style and your experience, as well as problems you may have faced relating to subordinates.
  • For executive assistant roles, the interviewing will be evaluating your organizational and interpersonal skills, so be sure to project a neat, friendly appearance.
  • If you want a job in sales, you may be asked to sell a product to your interviewer or make a presentation.

What Assessments Will I Have to Complete?

Different companies require candidates to take different tests. You may have to take any of the following tests:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Situational Judgment Test
  • Personality Test
  • Clerical Skills Test
  • Basic Math Test

What Jobs Does This Bundle Prepare Me For?

Jobs in the Pharmaceuticals Industry
Executive assistant Financial analyst Sales manager
Manager Sales representative Pharmacy tech

What Companies Is This Bundle Applicable To?

Preparation is essential for success. Click on one of the companies below to access our exclusive practice material.

Pharmaceuticals & Health Employers
Merck & Co. Abbott Laboratories AbbVie Inc.
Abraxis BioScience Acadia Pharmaceuticals Acceleron Pharma
Accredo Acorda Therapeutics ACT Biotech Inc
Acura Pharmaceuticals Aderis Pharmaceuticals Akorn
Alcon Alexion Pharmaceuticals Alimera Sciences
Allozyne Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Alzheon
Ambit Biosciences Ameridose AmerisourceBergen
Amgen Amphastar Pharmaceuticals AMRI Global
Anacor Anthera Pharmaceuticals Apricus Biosciences
Arena Pharmaceuticals Array BioPharma ATyr Pharma
Aurora Biosciences Avax Technologies Benzer Pharmacy
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Biogen Biovest
Biovista Cambrex Corporation Cannabis Science Inc.
Century Pharmaceuticals Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals Chemins
ChromaDex Coherus BioSciences Corcept Therapeutics
Creative biomart CytRx Danco Laboratories
Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Dynax pharmaceuticals Editas Medicine
Emergent BioSolutions Endo International plc Endocyte
Ensemble Therapeutics Esperion Therapeutics Fabre-Kramer Pharmaceuticals
G.F. Harvey Company Galena Biopharma GE Healthcare
Genentech Genervon Gentech Pharmaceutical
GTx Incorporated H. K. Mulford Company Help Remedies
Heritage Pharmaceuticals Hospira ImmunoGen
Immunomedics Impax Laboratories Imprimis Pharmaceuticals
Incyte Insys Therapeutics Intarcia Therapeutics
Intercept Pharmaceuticals ISTA Pharmaceuticals Jones Pharma
KaloBios Pharmaceuticals Kinetic Concepts Leiner Health Products
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Ligand Pharmaceuticals Mapp Biopharmaceutical
Marathon Pharmaceuticals McGuff Companies McNeil Consumer Healthcare
Medical Marijuana, Inc. Melior Discovery Mentholatum
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Meyer Brothers Drug Company Mylan
Myriad Genetics NeoGenomics Nephroceuticals
New England Compounding Center Northwest Biotherapeutics Norwich Pharma Services
NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Novavax NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals
OraSure Technologies Orexigen Therapeutics Ovation Pharmaceuticals
The Owl Drug Company Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Permeon Biologics
Pfizer Pharmaceutical Product Development Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
Philidor Rx Services Plexxikon Prasco Laboratories
Procter & Gamble Prosetta Protein Sciences
Proteon Therapeutics PSivida Puma Biotechnology
Purdue Pharma Qualitest Quark Pharmaceuticals
Reata Pharmaceuticals Recombinetics Regeneron
Regulus Therapeutics Reliant Pharmaceuticals Repros Therapeutics
Retrophin Inc Melinta Therapeutics Rowell Laboratories
Sagent Pharmaceuticals Salix Pharmaceuticals Sarepta Therapeutics
Schiff Nutrition International G.D. Searle, LLC Seattle Genetics
Sheffield Pharmaceuticals Smith Drug Company Spectrum Pharmaceuticals
Spotlight Innovation Standard Drug Company (Meridian, Mississippi) Stiefel Laboratories
Sucampo Pharmaceuticals SUGEN Summit Nutritionals International
Suneris Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Synageva
TAP Pharmaceuticals Tec Laboratories Tesaro
Titan Pharmaceuticals Tonix Pharmaceuticals Trevena Inc
Upsher-Smith Laboratories UrgentRx Vaxess Technologies
VaxGen Ventria Bioscience Verus Pharmaceuticals
Virobay ViS Research Vital Pharmaceuticals
Vivus Kindred & Home Kindred Healthcare
United Surgical Partners Sava Senior Care Bowhead
Zimmer Biomet Mercy Allied Health Saber Healthcare
WPS Health Solutions Sterling Medical LogistiCare

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