Challenge faced by Pharmacovigilance Organizations

The life sciences companies are witnessing exponential volumes of Adverse Event (AE) data being generated for their products by the ecosystem. There is an evident rise in data volumes coming from journals, patents, articles, social media, and non-standardized data sources. The continuously evolving regulations and increasing pressure to improve quality and patient safety while providing efficient and cost effective PV operations are leading the firms to  rethink their legacy systems and manual processes.

Phrmacovigilance Solution

The AI Solution for Pharmacovigilance enables advanced automation by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. The solution comprises the following features:-

  • Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Automation – The solution is seeded with ontologies which impart automated curation pipelines for creation of comprehensive lexicons of various biological concepts.
  • Analytics & Workflow– The cutting-edge rich visualization framework with observation workflow enables in-place browser based, real-time analytics.
  • Continuous Learning – The machine-centric decision making enables supervised learning with sufficient datasets to build hypothesis.
  • Data Extraction: This solution provides a feature rich Natural Language Processing (NLP ) Engine with strong Lexical analysis and support for Named-entity recognition.
  • Data Enrichment– The AI solution provides support dictionary for WHODD/MedDRA terms, product identification, PV field terms etc.
  • Output Generation– The solution enables standardization of data and integration of output data with safety databases.


  • Reduced Cycle Times- Enable faster case intake and processing through automation
  • Enriched Quality and Accuracy- Standardize inputs for automated case processing
  • Scalable and Futuristic Solution- Handle case volume growth and diverse types of incoming data formats effectively
  • Improved Productivity- Minimize time and effort on low-value data entry and manual process steps
  • Better Compliance: Improve accuracy and consistency of AE reporting

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