Pharmacovigilance Job Interview Process in MNCs

If you are B pharma, M Pharma, BDS, BAMS or BHMS and looking for pharmacovigilance jobs. Then you are in the right place. In this article, I will share how to face any job in pharmacovigilance for freshers as well as experience.  
Before that, let me tell you if you are looking for any pharmacovigilance course then please wait and Read this before purchasing and completing any pharmacovigilance course.  
As we know, pharmacovigilance is a very fastest-growing field nowadays. And in COVID-19 situations the work behind this domain has increased.  
As each and every pharmaceutical company is trying to find the vaccines and medication on coronavirus. By considering this point the work on the pharmacovigilance department is drastically increased and in upcoming days it will increase continuously for a few months.  
Due to these heavy workload situations, pharmaceutical companies, as well as service provider companies, will hire more candidates from a life science background. 
However, such companies are hiring from walk-in-interview. But due to Covid-19 and lockdown situations, the hiring trend had been also changed. 
Corporate companies are currently hiring through telephonic or videocall interview. This is really a life-changing process for jobseekers. Because, when initially the walk-in interview was arranged, many candidates were applying or attending such a walk-in interview and which will take a whole day for job-seekers to complete all the rounds. And sometimes Human resources (HR) ask candidates to come on the next day to attend the remaining round if they were selected.  
Even after wasting a whole day, there was no guarantee about the selection. The reason behind this is a huge number of associates were attending the same walk-in interview and the second one is a workload on the human resource department. 

General Pharmacovigilance Jobs interview process

Here, I will explain both the process as the first one Walk in the interview and the second one is a telephonic or video call interview. 
Pharmacovigilance Jobs Walk-in-interview Process:
Companies usually arrange walk-in interviews. Later, on interview day lots of a number of associates were attended the interviews. This was my personal observation. However, usually, walk-in interviews for freshers have four rounds.  

First round: 

The first round usually is of human resource (HR) round. In this round HR usually asks you about the family background and all. As they are just checking how much you need about this job. 

Second round: 

This round usually of aptitude tests. In this round, you have a set of questionnaires and you have to solve the same within a stipulated time-frame.This might be on paper, tablet, or on the system.  

Third round: 

This round is of general group discussion or debate. Here, usually, HR might give u one topic and asks you to discuss on the same. And on the basis of that, HR will choose the right candidates and sent for the final round.  
In this round, one of my friends was asked to tell the story of the rabbit and tortoise in English. When I attended the interview that time HR asked me to choose the one chit from a glass bowl. And from that chit, I had to discuss the topic. 

Fourth round: 

This is a technical round. Here, a technical person will ask you the question related to your domain. You have to be very confident and have to answer the questions.  
Here, always speak on your resume or the things you know that. Do not over show up or over talk.  Always refer frequently asked questions for pharmacovigilance interview.  Try to talk in English and avoid talking in local languages.  

Pharmacovigilance Jobs telephonic Interview: 

Nowadays, in this pandemic Corona situation most of the companies are taking interviews on the telephone or video calls. 
So, while giving telephonic or video call interviews, do not afraid. Be natural and should talk in English. On a telephonic interview, there might be only two rounds.  
The first one is the HR round and the second one is technical round. Before attending any interview do not forget to read about companies’ information which might include the name of the chief executive officer (CEO), who founded the company, and which other sector companies are also working, etc. 

Tip to crack Pharmacovigilance walk-in interview: 

The below-mentioned tips were helped me to crack the pharmacovigilance job walk into the interview. hence, I think this will also help you to crack the pharmacovigilance jobs interview. 
  1. Be earlier to attend the interview. 
  1. Be natural and honest to answer the questions and do not overact or over talk. 
  1. Be prepared for pharmacovigilance frequently asked questions
  1. Maintain a positive attitude while facing the interview. 
  1. Do not chit-chat with another interview colleague. 
  1. Do not bring a laptop, pen drive, and headphones, or any other electronic gadgets while attending the walk-in interviews. 

Tip to crack Pharmacovigilance Telephonic or Video call interview: 

  1. Be natural while talking on the phone do not over talk.  
  1. Be prepared before attending any interview do not try to attend the interview without preparing. Because it may create a negative impression in front of the interviewer.  
  1. The mobile phone should have good coverage and the battery should be full of power.  
  1. While talking on the phone sit in a calm place and avoid any other distractions.  
  1. Talk positively. Try to avoid negative communication.   
  1. Fill free to ask questions. Also, have proper words on the job profile
  1. Always ask about work from home opportunities, other learning opportunities, and growth path. 
  1. Keep a glass of water ready on your desk because sometimes the interview might stretch a little long. 
  1. If you do not know the answer to the question asked by the interviewer then clear say no. Do not try to attempt the question or waste the time. 
  1. For telephonic interviews sometimes you can also bring short notes with yourself. It will helpful for you to answer the questions. 
We have tried here to share my student experiences with you. I hope, this will help you to attend an interview. Good Luck. 

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