Role of Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Trials in Covid-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 pandemic has generated various challenges and opportunities across the healthcare landscape. The pandemic is shining a flashlight on how these technologies can support organizations quickly and correctly to drive complex administrative provisions, especially in the face of a massive influx of new data treatments for COVID, which are taking place worldwide with the help of Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance. 

The volume and speed of clinical research to discover effective drugs against novel coronavirus has been exceptional. The regulations are made adjustable and convenient without any relaxation in drug safety reporting to address the unmet medical requirements. 

The pharmacovigilance actions, primarily adverse event reporting despite clinical practice and clinical trials, should continue because patient safety is superior. PV system analyses collect and share drug safety data while aiming to reduce risk to patients in the shortest possible time. PV will apply to both approved drugs and under clinical trials. 

Biopharmaceutical organizations and health experts are purposefully driving faster and more flexibly than they ever have before. While there is colossal urgency to scale and create these medications quickly, this cannot damage safety and efficacy.

Owing to the need to produce vaccines quickly during the COVID-19 vaccine research and production, the pharma companies and scientists overcame pharmacovigilance challenges in four major ways without compromising the quality of creating vaccines.

  • Mass Data Collection
  • Regulatory & Safety Reporting
  • Patient Services
  • Mass Manufacturing & Distribution

Providing the industry with real-time pharmacovigilance data enhances the ability to foretell and respond to safety interests as they happen, not only heightening regulatory compliance but also improving patient safety in both the short- and longer-term. 

In the longer term, aiding in the business of proactive safety practices will give pharmaceutical companies the competing edge they require to see gaps and possibilities in the life sciences landscape and drive medicine innovation for the world at large.

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