Why should you opt for a career in the Pharma sector?

Why should you opt for a career in the Pharma sector?

Research and development in the pharmaceutical field have always been treated as the heart of the business. There is no surprising factor that the pharmaceutical industry’s roles related to clinical research, drug safety, clinical trial, and data management are evolving and moving as the industry endure to embrace radical transformations. A solid understanding of these fields may put you ahead of the race.

Need for Clinical talent:

Are you in the clinical trial field looking for a break? It is worthy to assess the required skills to be on-trend. Optimize your probability of grabbing and sustaining employment in the fundamental and exciting department of work 

There are specific skills that go with the territory of being in a pharmaceutical role such as deductive reasoning, critical thinking, attentive to detail. With the advent of technological advancements, companies restructure, and business practices, few desirable skills have been made into many employers’ wish lists.

 Is a Clinical Research Associate job for you?

The primary responsibility of a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is to monitor clinical trials’ progress. They usually involve visiting sites to ensure that protocols are being conducted in compliance with useful clinical practice guidelines.

CRAs have highly diverse, visible positions. Mature interpersonal skills are essential to enable them to work well with the staff at the various sites they visit. Being friendly, professional, knowledgeable, punctual, and accessible, combined with a ‘checklist’ mentality, are good fit attributes. As CRAs principally work from home, evidence of being a motivated self-starter may attract employers’ attention.

With regards to working in Drug Safety:

At the grassroots level, drug safety experts are liable for the fielding and processing of adverse event records for drugs in the marketplace. It is their responsibility to recognize the risks associated with medicines and to make this information generally available. Like the RA professional, drug safety experts need to understand legislation and regulatory standards while overseeing pharmacovigilance (PV) processes. 

 How about Clinical Data Management?

Clinical data managers are liable for assuring that clinical trials’ statistical information and results are recorded precisely and maintain complex data systems’ integrity and security. Expertise with IT, software systems, and generally managing vast volumes of data is therefore imperative.

If you’re keen to seek a career in clinical data science, clinical research, and drug safety and pharmacovigilance but lack specific skills, it would pay to work towards obtaining or acquiring them. Providentially, many skills are transferable, so you don’t necessarily have to gain them in a clinical research setting. Gratisol Labs offers certificate and master programs to give you a leading-edge. 

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